Film Review – Diving Into The Unknown

Diving Into The Unknown Cover

Imagine you are a very experienced cave diver and you and your friends are attempting to set a new world record for the longest cave dive in a deep cave in Norway. And then imagine the worst scenario: two of your friends pin in the most narrow restriction down @ 130 meters (426 ft), drown and die in this cave. You have to leave them there and have to ascend without them. This is what Diving Into The Unknown is about.


My life with the OSTC 4

Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC 4 -

OSTC 4 broken – the 1st time

I was ascending from a 50 meters dive to my first decompression stop @ 21 meters. I switched to my decompression gas and tried to change my gas setting also on the OSTC 4
All of a sudden I wasn’t able, because the right button stopped working. Unfortunately this is the confirmation button.
To make a long story short:  this is the reason why we always have a 2nd diving computer as a backup with us. This backup computer (OSTC 2) was already set to the needed gases and I was able to switch to my decompression gas to continue my dive.


Review – Neoprene Gloves K01

Neoprene gloves K01

Hayato-Neoprene gloves K01

After the success with the K01 Hood the Italian vendor K01 releases new gloves made of the same Hayato-Neoprene. Sascha, the owner of Rebreather Zone and Divecenter Dortmund sent them to me to test and review them.

Lets talk about the technical details first. They are available in 1.5/3.5/5mm. The palms of the 3.5 and 5mm gloves are thinner (2.5 and 4mm) to provide best possible feeling and grip and stay as warm as possible. The rubber coating of the palms adds grip and also improves durability of the material.