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The logbook sites – my personal design

The use of a logbook is important to divers and there are a myriad out there. Most of the time they don’t fit personal requirements.

Through the years I started to create my own logbook sites and now it was time for a new one – which I like to share with you today.

My old logbook was large and wasted too much space.
I now started to work with a sub-book of smaller size and a rubber surface to keep the sites dry. You can order this kind of sub-book here:

My design is printed on regular FiloFax paper which is 95mm wide and 171mm high (type “Personal”), which you can order here:

In the FiloFax refill inlays above are 100 sites included, which makes it 400 dives.

1st section

The first section contains Dive-Number, Date, Time in, Divesite and in which City/Country the dive was made.

2nd section

In the second section it’s all about the conditions: how the weather and the temperature were. I also included the shallow and bottom water temperature. Additional to this you’ll find the visibility-icons, the visibility in meters and how much weight was used for this dive.
One important piece is the isolation, in which you can choose which suit you dived. 

I don’t do technical dives only or only dive in a drysuit, so it was important to me to have the option when I am just doing fun dives in Egypt, to also mark the wetsuit dives (depending on the water conditions I choose a 5mm or 7mm wetsuit). When diving the drysuit I’d like to remember if I dived the Santi BZ200 or the 400 undersuit and if I used the heating-shirt or not. It’s more easy to plan next dives if you check the history and know what combination you used when you have similar conditions.

3rd section

In the third section of the logbook you’ll find the hard facts about the gas and if you dived OC (open circuit) or CCR (closed circuit rebreather). This section is most customised to fit my requirements of diving CCR and sometimes OC and have all informations in one place. Depth and Duration is a common thing in other logboook sites as well, but when it comes to technical diving or diving with mixed gas it is very useful to note all the needed information like ppo2 Bottom, pure Bottom Time, Deco Duration and which Deco gas used, etc.

4th section

in the fourth section you can have your buddies sign the dive and add additional notes.

I don’t wanted to waste space, paper and money, so I designed 2 dives each site. When printed with back-side you are going to have 4 dives on each paper.


Please feel free to download a pdf which already is designed to fit the FiloFax Personal papers above here!
If you like to change the design to your requirements, please feel free to directly change the Adobe InDesign-file by downloading it here!

I hope you enjoy my design and if you have questions do not hesitate to comment or contact me.

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