Review – Neoprene Gloves K01

Neoprene gloves K01

Hayato-Neoprene gloves K01

After the success with the K01 Hood the Italian vendor K01 releases new gloves made of the same Hayato-Neoprene. Sascha, the owner of Rebreather Zone and Divecenter Dortmund sent them to me to test and review them.

Lets talk about the technical details first. They are available in 1.5/3.5/5mm. The palms of the 3.5 and 5mm gloves are thinner (2.5 and 4mm) to provide best possible feeling and grip and stay as warm as possible. The rubber coating of the palms adds grip and also improves durability of the material.

Hayato-Neopren is known as very flexible and soft neoprene, though the compression in depth is minimal compared to other neoprene gloves. All seams are glued and due to the soft neoprene it is easy to put them on and off. 

Neoprene gloves K01 inside

Video of the manufacturer

Posted by K 01 / Spyder on Montag, 10. April 2017


Neoprene gloves K01 size Chart

Normally I use XL but the K01 are so soft that due to the stretch effect I wear them in L.

Testing the K01 gloves

The first thing realised: how easy they’re put on. The soft inside lets you slip in very easy. The wrist-part suits perfectly on the latex cuff of the drysuit. So no tensed fight which is known by others.
The second positive determination is the grip of the rubber coating on the palms. In the very beginning it is a little bit too much grip as it felt I was glued to the rubber knobs on the stages, but after the 2nd dive the manufacture related glue effect is perfect. 

In the water they are just awesome. Perfect grip, minimal water intake and the most flexible gloves I ever worked with. The first time I noticed water coming in was at around 20-30 Meters while working on a stage – the compression is really minimal compared to other gloves I tested before, also down to 50-60 Meters it didn’t felt like they lose thickness. I did some stage handling and never had the feeling my hands were getting cold, I lose grip or control while working with my hands. 

Bottom line

I’m happy Sascha introduced me to this new gloves and I will continue to dive with them. That said 75€ is not a bargain and normally I’d say gloves are consumable material and should be cheaper, but the quality speaks for itself.

One thing which I have to check is the long-term durability of one specific spot. This is a secured seal that should avoid the seam to break but this is always a difficult spot. If it breaks too soon then the price is too high, if it’s lasting, everything is good 🙂

Neoprene gloves K01 inside

I can frankly recommend the K01 and you should give them a try too. If you need an advice drop Sascha a line via email, call him in the Divecenter or just hop in when you are around:

Tauchcenter Dortmund
Wodanstrasse 45
44359 Dortmund

Phone:  0231 / 99 208 400

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