Hi and thanks for visiting my blog NEPTUNES WORLD!

My name is Toby and if it would be possible, I’d live underwater. Many divers need to see big fish to talk about a “great dive” – I just need water and the feeling of floating.
Starting my diving career back in 2008 in a small lake in the western part of Germany I got addicted from day 1.

Since then I dived different spots around the world:

  • Red Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Maldives
  • many lakes in Germany

As many divers I started with the Open Water Course with PADI. After collecting some experience I continued with the Padi AOWD and during a vacation a SSI Deep Dive Specialty. After some time I got aware of Technical Diving and identified IANTD Germany to fit my needs best (you’ll find the international website of IANTD here). I started with the IANTD Recreational Trimix Diver followed by the Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver and the Advanced Nitrox Diver.
After I was enabled to dive with mixed gas I got the chance to start diving with a Liberty CCR – a closed circuit rebreather, which with I am currently having training hours.

My goal is to become a diver who is able to do sophisticated dives on wrecks and in caves. So my journey is still moving forward and with my blog NEPTUNES WORLD I like to take you with me.

In the life above the surface I’m a husband, a Senior Director in the IT and Marketing industry in Germany and a filmmaker. Due I am not an American/English native I kindly ask for your comprehension when it comes to grammar or spelling.

Enjoy my blog and If you have questions feel free to comment or contact me via the contact form.